AI Amok

When we talk about artificial intelligence, we think of Siri, our GPS or Donald Trump, but the possibilities of AI are limitless! And, thanks to scientist Kosuke Kiryu, this technology has become an integral part of our daily lives in the year 2030. Nozomi is its name and it takes care of everything: instant medical diagnosis, transport checks, stocking personal and banking data… “Nono” is basically the perfect secretary. Well, she stole hundreds of thousands of jobs, but let’s say it’s for the greater good. Except, one day, this innovative technology goes haywire. As if they pulled the plug of modern society… In less than a couple of hours all Japanese pacemakers stop, intelligent cars become dumb and cause mortal accidents, and the most innocent of applications transform into lethal weapons. One man is blamed for this Deus ex Machina, and he’s only got a few hours to prove his innocence before Japan becomes one gigantic mass grave… After MEMOIRS OF A MURDERER (BIFFF 2017) Yu Irie returns with a sci-fi thriller that seems to be the missing link between BLACK MIRROR and MINORITY REPORT. At 200 per hour, the film rushes to a catastrophe that seems more and more plausible!

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