The village of Aranjali is about to celebrate its annual festival and, frankly, it’s not going to be a nice little ball. No, it’s mostly a humongous excuse for a outrageous debauchery, where villagers, neighbors near and far, youngsters and elderly get down and dirty till dawn. A very Sodom and Gomorrah-ish atmosphere that some take advantage off to throw their own wedding or anniversary, with of course liberal loads of booze and drugs. In the midst of this festive madness, mahout Lali and his trusty tusker arrive for yet more entertainment. And entertainment they will get, ‘cause when one festivalgoer is a little too touchy-feely with his beloved Dumbo, Lali – as completely wasted as the rest of ‘m – gives him a beating he (and his dentist) will remember for a long time. Evidently, tempers flare, alcoholically infused blood boils and spills royally. When not much later the local mafiosi get involved, shit astronomically hits the fan…
What? A movie about a religious festival that ends up in total chaos? Of course we’re in! This time Tinu Pappachan, already assistant-director for the ecstatic JALLIKATTU, trades in a mad buffalo for a havoc-wreaking elephant in this mind-blowing adrenaline rush complete with polished images, exceptional sound design, non-stop fighting and a visual trip that is as effective and less dangerous than LSD (‘cause drugs are not okay, kids!)… AJAGAJANTHARAM already stormed right through the Indian box-office and is now heading for the BIFFF!

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