Very good news for Kei Nagai! The teenager survived after being run over by a five-ton truck. Bad news: it’s not because luck is on his side, but because he turns out to be an Ajin. In other words, he’s immortal. This particularity frightens the Japanese government so much that they decide to imprison Kei. He becomes a guinea pig of the state. Every day his limbs are cut off, only to grow back again. Kei gets liberated by Sato, another Ajin, who’s fed up with seeing his peers chopped up like lizard tails. Sato wants to enroll Kei in his crusade against mankind. Who cares if this involves hijacking planes and flying them into Tokyo’s skyscrapers? After all, all that Sato wants is a piece of land where he can live in peace, even if this takes millions of dead. Kei will put his immortality at the service of his enemies, those puny mortals, to stop his mentor. When X-Men met Highlander, this is how you could summarize this Japanese blockbuster. Ajin Demi-Human is the long-awaited live adaptation of Gamon Sakurai’s eponymous manga. With Katsuyuki Motohiro (Bayside Shakedown trilogy) in the director’s seat, Ajin: Demi-Human smashed the Japanese box office as soon as it got released. This big budget extravaganza, with amazing SFX by the team of Ghost in the Shell and Logan, begs to be seen on the biggest possible screen.

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