Brace yourselves, ‘cause describing this film is like discussing atom splitting with a drunk Fin. So, here we go: after a war of the planets on the other side of the galaxy, the alien winners decide to imprison their opponents on a poorly developed rock called Earth, more precisely in the puny minds of the insects that crawl all over the planet – that would be us! Two alien guards, Thunder and Guard, make sure none of them can escape their fleshly envelopes. But, one day a mysterious spaceships appears above Seoul, which is going to start up a whole new intergalactic war severely neglecting the space-time continuum, between 14th century mages and present-day warriors. All of that inserted into a quest for a precious ring, ergh no, for a precious dagger that within its blade holds the destiny of more than a few planets… That’s a lot of information to process, we know. But, on the big screen it magically falls into place, streamlined and crystal clear and supremely put together. ALIENOID is everything we love about sci-fi all balled up in one magnificent clusterfuck: robots, time travel, aliens and lots of bim, bam, kaboums. Space opera extravaganza!

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