Pebble Falls, a shithole just south of no man’s land. That’s where the parents of Itsy and her little brother decided to bury themselves in order to renovate an old shack. Far from the city, from her friends and from a bright future. Only fields and rednecks as far as the eye can see. It’s not better in high school. From the very first day, she’s forced to team up with a certain Calvin Kipler, the school’s outcast. He’s a professional eccentric and, above all, an astronomy enthusiast ever since his parents were supposedly abducted by aliens ten years ago. But while most kids just see Calvin as a big fat liar, Itsy considers him as a golden opportunity to obtain a scholarship and return to civilization, that is: New York University! So she gets chummy with the specimen, spends days and evenings dissecting his ramblings with the cold rigor of a budding investigator. Yet, the more she gets to know her subject, the more she begins to doubt, wondering about Calvin’s grandma that no one has seen. Wondering if Pebble Falls, that shithole just south of no man’s land, might instead be the epicenter of cosmic chaos… This Sundance nugget is sci-fi feel-good vibes to the max! It makes us want to perceive our gray adult world through the eyes of a child again. Even if that means ending up with wet little eyes and a burning desire for a handkerchief to blow our noses. Starring Emma Tremblay (SUPERGIRL) and Jacob Buster (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN).

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