That’s what happens when you fool around with firearms! During an innocent children’s game with a peashooter, Simon has fired a real bullet into his little sister’s hide. She ends up almost completely paralyzed and now, so many years later, he has to take care of her. Meaning : making porridge and feeding it to her, changing her diapers, reading her bedtime stories… No wonder he doesn’t feel like taking his meds anymore. Because–tiny detail–to fend off his psychotic outbursts, Simon has to pop pills. At work, things aren’t really working out either and adding insult to injury, his shrink is threatening to put his sister in an institution. When on top of all that, health inspection services are beginning to harass him, something’s gotta give. In despair, he tries to make contact with the extraterrestrials who’ve been emitting on a private radio frequency in his head ever since he was a toddler… The mysterious French filmmaker Quarxx has turned his own short A PERFECT BLUE SKY into a full-length feature. For this unusual and stylish mindfuck, he found inspiration with the likes of David Lynch, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and the M. Night Shyamalan of SIGNS (those crop circles!). He can count on a sturdy performance by Belgian actor Jean-Luc Couchard (DEAD MAN TALKING, THE VISITORS: BASTILLE DAY) as the tormented main character.

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