To be hip to the ALONG WITH THE GODS universe, you have to understand one thing: the terrestrial and the superterrestrial function as separate worlds but nonetheless, there’s a lot of toing and froing between the two. And what you’re up to in one has its repercussions in the other… We already knew that a recently deceased firefighter had been taken to the afterlife by three guardian angels, where he had to brave the seven circles of hell to earn his reincarnation. The three angels are now given a new assignment in which the salvation of a different client is at stake. But before his trial can take place, they have to go back to Earth to retrieve an old geezer who’s refusing to kick the bucket ! The two ALONG WITH THE GODS films were shot back-to-back, LORD OF THE RING style. If you saw the first installment at last year’s BIFFF, you know what you’re in for: meandering plotlines, dazzling visuals, eye-catching effects, and epic fights to the death (literally, this time). Due to the overwhelming success at the Korean box office, a new two-part sequel is already in the works. Long live Korean fantasy!

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