Firefighter Kim Jo-hong falls out a burning building after rescuing a little girl. He dies on the spot. There are no angels, no requiem and no white light at the end of the tunnel. Kim’s welcoming committee consists of two guys who look like undertakers. They introduce themselves as his lawyers in the hereafter. In order to get his green card to paradise and reincarnation, Kim’s soul will have to go through the seven circles of hell and as many celestial lawsuits. All of this in order to prove his worth for each of the sins on the agenda; namely: treason, violence, murder, filial piety, deception, injustice and indolence. It takes just one sin for eternal hell, which is customized according to the sinner. And you thought life was hard! Along With The Gods, based on a popular Korean webcomic, can only be defined in superlatives. This Taoist reinterpretation of Dante, the third highestgrossing movie at the Korean box office, is definitely not kidding when it comes to pulling out all the stops. Kim Yong-hwa’s (Mr Go) new film is a visual aphrodisiac of action and emotion that puts one money shot after another at a breathtaking pace. We can’t wait to screen the second part at next year’s BIFFF.

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