Amsterdam, a real tourist city: its canals which intertwine in the city, its typical small streets, its houses with crenelations on the roof which often bend to greet the bystanders… and its putrescent dead bodies which float at the backwash pace!
Eric Visser, the detective in charge of the investigation, is under pressure: the water murders multiply, and the red waters of the canals do not provide any clue. On the other hand, the tourists become rare…
From fake leads to exposed clues, Visser is immersed in the shadiest mystery: from the flowered quays, his investigation leads him in the muddy canals and soon in the foul-smelling sewers of the rough areas of Amsterdam. Looking for clues, Visser will not only meet unpleasant people…
This eventful thriller was directed by Dick MAAS, the lucky winner of the Avoriaz Grand Prix for his movie The Lift (1983), where he showed his great mastery of directing and an extreme sense of suspense. Just like for The Lift and Flodder, his second movie, an outraged comedy of manners that he shot in the Brussels suburbs, Dick MAAS hires in the limelight his favourite actor: Huub STAPEL.
Also starring the beautiful Monique VAN DE VEN.

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