Three youngsters spend a weekend in a massive old estate in the neighbourhood of Copenhagen. While wandering through the many rooms, they find a dusty manuscript. Curiosity compels them to read the document. It contains the history of a vampire that has terrorised the region for centuries, but ended when people succeeded in locking him up inside a tomb. What the trio doesn’t realise is that they have started the liberation of this doomed soul.
Angel of the Night seems like a return to the horror movies of the seventies. It’s the kind of movie where fresh faced teenagers with names like Sandy, Billy or Johnny find themselves locked up in a frightening place where they spend their time trying not to get killed by the monsters that haunt them. In Angel of the Night they listen to names like Sören, Lars or Annika and their blonde hair is 100% natural. The movie is a loving parody in which Shaky Gonzales juggles with different periods of history. Watch out for the performance of Ulrich Thomsen, the hero from Thomas Vinterberg’s acclaimed Festen.

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