Dan and his family discover that they are not alone in their cabin. Someone or something seems to haunt the house. His wife decides to call Joey Lee, a hippie exorcist, to clean this ectoplasmic mess. His verdict is clear. The new tenants are two very sympathetic ghosts. Nothing will happen as long as they accept their presence. But the idea of sharing a house with illegals from beyond the grave is not to Dan’s taste. He asks Os Bijoun for a second opinion. This exorcist is notorious for his radical solutions and he makes a radically different diagnosis. Dan and his family are in the presence of absolute evil and Os is ready to remove this evil vermin after accepting a hefty sum. But the cleansing will take some time, leaving Dan and Os the opportunity to indulge in some alcoholic socializing. But the remedy is sometimes more dangerous than the evil one tries to eradicate… When Carson D. Mell, screenwriter of series such as Silicon Valley and Eastbound and Down, tackles the tired genre of the haunted house movie, we know we’re going to have a great time. With absolutely no intention of reinventing Amityville, Mell stuffs the movie with incredible characters that are able to switch from The Office to Tarkovski’s Stalker in the blink of an eye. A phenomenal tour de force for a unique film!

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