So, in short, a teacher brings her all-girl group of thesis students along on a weekend to a nuclear bunker that has been sealed off to the public since the end of the Cold War. But, lucky for them, she got in contact with a shady dude that has a key and can let them in. Their guide casually mentions that the few that have entered the place in recent years have never returned, which doesn’t provoke more than a couple of girly giggles, and then leaves them there, locking the door behind him. Now the group will have plenty of time to wander around scarcely dressed in the bunker’s maze of dark chilly tunnels and do… research? For their thesis? On what exactly we’ll never know because you see, there’s one thing they didn’t know was part of the package. That a degenerate butcher that feasts on human flesh – oh c’mon, it’s right there in the title, folks! – roams these very same tunnels and, lucky for them, he’s also into research. Of the human body. The cannibalistic madman isn’t the only thing this 2022 sequel has in common with Joe D’Amato’s infamous 1980 original, which you were able to savor at this year’s Offscreen Festival. It ticks off all the boxes of Italian Z-grade trash cinema: an outrageously idiotic script, paper-thin and brain-dead female characters who are more likely to break out into a pillow fight than to engage in a scientific discussion on their thesis (we do hope the film-makers have met actual women in real life), bad acting made worse by hilarious dubbing and such outlandish amounts of blood, guts, intestines, brain mush, baby removals and other such niceties that put HOSTEL to shame. In short: pure, unfiltered bad taste. You guys are going to eat it up!

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