If Kioko’s apartment looks a lot like the subconsciousness of a troll on LSD, it’s because her success has completely alienated her from ordinary life. After she has cleaned her stomach in the bathroom – like all self-respecting models do – Kioko loves to eat her breakfast only dressed in a string while re-watching the video of her own defloration. Today she’s expecting Watanabe, the editor-in-chief of the kind of magazine whose pages quickly get a bit sticky, for an in-depth interview. Anticipating her arrival, Kioko humiliates her assistant with sadistic pleasure. But in this game of perverse dominance, roles can quickly be reserved… In the beginning Nikkatsu only wanted a pornographic novel anthology, but Sono Sion isn’t the kind of artist who strictly follows the rules. The director of Tag (BIFFF 2016) dissociated himself from the soft-erotic starting concept. Instead he delivered an extravagant piece of cinema wherein sex attains a metaphysical dimension. Antiporno is brilliant, perverse, feminist and completely insane.

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