This is not a movie synopsis but a serious warning. For some 30 years genre film festivals have been aware of the existence of this cursed film and until today no one wanted (or could) talk about it. Its first screening took place in Budapest in 1988, after which the theater spontaneously burst into flames, killing at least six spectators. Ever since, ANTRUM has become the object of an underground cult. From 1993 on, at least 7 festivals in the United States received a copy of the film for selection and every refusal was met with a brutal dead of the programmers: heart attacks, electrocutions, sudden poisoning… The San Francisco film festival was the only one that dared to program this mysterious movie, which resulted in a collective anxiety attack with thirty wounded and one death. 25 years later, a copy resurfaced in Connecticut and was immediately send to the BIFFF with a severe warning by two American directors David Amito and Michael Laicini. We advise the spectators to come at their own risk if they wish to attend the screening. The BIFFF can not be held responsible in case of any accidents, but there will be an emergency medical post located near the theater.

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