Paris, 1900. The glorious “Belle Epoque”, with its boundless enthusiasm for change, the arrival of the metro and the radical reconfiguration of the city by baron Haussman. But it’s not sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere: the working class is pushed back to the peripheries, where poverty prospers in slums that give birth to a new race of ultra-violent thugs: the Apaches. This ruthless gang eats squeaky bourgeoisie for breakfast. As modern Robin Hoods of nihilism they steal from the rich to give to the poor (that is to say, themselves) and anyone that dares to stand in the way of their knives pays with their life. Like young Billie’s brother who fell victim to Jesus and his gang of tattooed rebels. While the latter giddily continues their trail of corpses, Billie patiently sharpens her lust for vengeance in their shadows. Until she reaches adulthood, and her carefully nurtured lust will explode in an arcade of joyful vengeance… Romain Quirot, an outsider in French cinema, already showed great originality with THE LAST VOYAGE (2020). With APACHES he ups the ante with a Parisian western with a punk attitude, shades of Takeshi Kitano, Guy Ritchie, Walter Hill and Quentin Tarantino all balled up in one anarchic sledgehammer that gleefully distorts, nay – annihilates historic reality to tell a tale of vengeance punctuated by Iggy Pop. Rrrraw power, baby!

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