Lily McGuire is not one of those artists who live in remote from any reality and retreat into their own bubble to create. For that matter, her last environmental sculpture is based on an original idea: she invites the public to confide their mistakes to an answering machine. These “mistakes” will then be integrated in her last work of art, a telephone seen from the inside.
Lily, who, of course, assured professional confidentiality, quickly realises that the calls are not at all what she expected them to be – some small thefts or sexual affairs – and seem alarming, to say the least: rape, incest, murder!
In addition, it seems like a maniac calls her every day to confess how much he loves following homosexuals in the street before mutilating them and then killing them… But this criminal is well alive and commits crimes the exact same way the strange person described them to Lily!
“The TV series director Robert BIERMAN’s first movie Apology won the Grand Prix from the Audience award at the Festival du Film Policier de Cognac. Série noire of the best tradition, but also an excellent B movie (the movie has all the characteristics), Apology skilfully combines psychological and anxious thriller with police investigation. But here, no bloodshed, no violence, no sensational gunshots. No brutal pursuit nor spectacular stunts. The director particularly pays attention to his characters, enjoying the performance of Lesley Anne WAREN (Burglar) and Peter WELLER (The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Of Unknown Origin, RoboCop), and builds around them (and the audience) a spiderweb in which they will struggle to live eventually. Both protagonists, one is an artist and the other is a detective, prisoners from their past and their frustrations, are alike. Behind Lily’s creative energy, we perceive the despair of the “incomplete” (a failed marriage, a not very brilliant art career); under Rad Hungate’s unshakeable mask, hides a solitary man, lost and similar to some certain characters of Humphrey BOGART.” – Daniel SCOTTO.

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