Eloy de Palma is an exorcist pastor roaming the darkest corners of the country with his granddaughter Alba. Their mission is to help those possessed by The Evil One, an infection of the soul that is spreading fast, especially among the most vulnerable members of society: children, mental patients, and drug addicts. There is also a mysterious cult following them, making it more difficult to help those in need. Each exorcism is tougher than the one before, and every battle with Evil reveals a piece of young Alba’s forgotten past – an enigma that if unconcealed could change the world as we know it. The feature film debut of Spanish filmmaker Marc Carreté gives a new twist to the familiar exorcist/demonic possession setup by combining it with a road movie. The traveling horror circus could count on a script by Mike Hostench (organizer of the Sitges Film festival), great camerawork by DOP Jordi Dalmau and deviliscous performances by Lluis Marco as Eloy and Claudia Pons as Alba.

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