Let’s bring you up to speed. A yellow tentacle monster has destroyed the Moon and threatens to do the same thing to the Earth. But first he’ll teach the worst class in Japan. If his students can kill him before the end of the semester, the planet will be saved. But UT (Un-killable Teacher) reveals himself to be a terrific and popular teacher who makes his pupils rise above themselves… except when it comes to killing him. Meanwhile, the second semester has started. The authorities keep training the students in perfecting their killing skills. There are some new, very lethal classmates and we find out more about the mysterious origins of UT. While snowflakes are falling down, UT makes a shocking revelation about himself. The class is split in two while the government implements the final phase of its “UT Assassination Strategy”. It’s decision time for the students of Class 3-E. What will become of the Earth and will they ever graduate?
Assassination Classroom, the live-action adaptation of the hugely popular manga, was one of last year’s most entertaining films; a feel-good movie that was funny, spectacular, had great sfx and a real heart for outsiders. Part 1 broke box-office records in Japan and after the world première in the land of the Rising Sun, the BIFFF is the very first festival in the world to show you the long-awaited sequel. Direction was once more handled by Umizaru director Eichiro Hasumi and the cast is still supremely J-Pop certified.

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