It all started when the Moon became just a pile of floating debris. The reason: a yellow tentacle monster destroyed it with supersonic speed. He’s now threatening to do the same thing to Earth. Because of his speed, no conventional bomb or weapon can touch him. He gives his ultimatum with one special condition: If nobody can kill him within a year, he’ll make the Earth explode. In the meantime, he decides to take up a position as teacher for the worst class in Japan. The faith of our planet in now in the hands of this sorry bunch of losers.
Eiichiro Hasumi might not be that well known around here, but in the land of the Rising Sun, he directed the popular movie and Tv-series Umizaru. He comes to the BIFFF with this popular manga adaptation: a wacky scifi story stuffed with absurd humor, spectacular action scenes and a cast of J-Pop hunks and cuties. How would you kill a yellow tentacle monster that movies with the speed of light?

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