Eighteen-year-old Lily is having the time of her life. Alongside her friends Em, Sarah, and Bex, she more or less does as she pleases: having a ball, rolling in the proverbial hay, exchanging raunchy messages with a secret admirer, and so forth. But then a digital bomb is dropped in the little town where she lives. An anonymous hacker exposes the chat and text history of half the population and it doesn’t take long for the shit to hit the fan. The mayor is the first victim and soon, a witch hunt for the perpetrator ensues in which all bets are off. When Lily is suspected of being the instigator, her life is in imminent danger. Luckily, her bosom friends are no pushovers and as extreme times call for extreme measures, they reconnect with their inner Ninja Turtles… Does the name Levinson ring a bell ? You’ve passed the movie lover test ! Sam is indeed the son of Barry, known for THE BAY, SPHERE, and GOOD MORNING VIETNAM. But sonny sings quite a different tune. His second directorial effort ASSASSINATION NATION is a feminist revenge thriller with satirical bite and a high trash factor. Sharp and wickedly funny !

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