Songwriter Tao and blogster Snowy are newlyweds. They’re able to buy a big old house for a bargain price. It’s still full of stuff from the previous owner, including Jimmy, a doll that would make a perfect toy for their future children. And they don’t have to wait long, because Snowy becomes pregnant with twins. It’s a bit unusual, as they’ve never had twins in their families. Then tragedy strikes. Only one of the babies survives birth. Snowy plunges into a profound postnatal depression and starts to confuse Jimmy with her stillborn child. When the doll shows signs of life, Snowy is ready to believe in miracles. But Jimmy’s intentions are extremely malicious. Chucky’s Chinese cousin causes havoc in Hong Kong! Baby Blues 3D is a horror film with lots of talent in front of and behind the camera: director Po-Chih Leong ( The Wisdom of Crocodiles, BIFFF 1999 ), DOP Chi Ying Chan ( The Man With the Iron Fists, Detective Dee ) and actor Raymond Lam ( The Sorcerer and the White Snake ).

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