Under her guise of sweetness and angelic purity, Mara hides an extremely determined personality where greediness and hypocrisy fight. She is not one of those who let fate decide on their life: Mara entered this world through the back door and drastically changed her life when marrying Donny, the rich man of the small provincial town they are now living in, in a luxury house.
But Donny is not a simple man: as a former soldier, his nights are scattered with nightmares made of machine gun fires. Donny “flirts” with madness and Mara feels betrayed in her dreams of worry-free ideal life. By way of sacrifices, she ended up where she is now, and NOTHING will prevent her from enjoying the life she wanted!…
With her lover’s help, she will lead Donny to suicide… But, there again, reality betrays her desires and, as the first comeback of destiny, she is stuck with a catatonic husband!…
This psychological thriller, where the real victim among all characters is revealed at the very last second, was directed by Gilbert CATES (One Summer Love, The Promise) and gathers a very attractive cast: Karen ALLEN (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Starman) is Mara, the wife who desperately tries to keep her life under control; Keith CARRADINE (The Duellists, Maria’s Lovers, Trouble in Mind) is the man who is behind all the mystery; Jeff FAHEY (Silverado, Psycho III) is the husband who evidently draws the attention on his problems anyway; and Dinah MARROFF (Grease, Ordinary People) is the husband’s devoted little sister.

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