Black has more than reason enough to be Bad, with a father who got killed when he robbed a bank to provide for his family and a mother who got a bullet through her head in the streets. The young woman terrorizes the entire neighborhood with her gang and is not afraid to blackmail rich businessman or to rob blind a naive white doctor. But when our doctor gets help from a tough street kid called Wesley Snipes, Bad Black’s reign might come to an end. Wakaliwood is a one-man movie factory situated in the slums of the Wakali district of the Ugandan capital Kampala. Our man in question, Nabwala IGG, has already shot more than 30 movies, all of them cut and pasted together with zero budget and horrendous special effects. But what makes Wakaliwood’s output so enjoyable to watch, is the boundless enthusiasm with which the actors stumble over their parts and the godlike voice-over who can’t stop commenting on everything that’s going on with nearly perfect comic timing. Troma has met its African match.

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