Appearances can be deceiving. You wouldn’t tell from his Garfield-looks and his silky fur, but Shero is the most notorious cat on Earth. He’s a dedicated alcoholic, reigning over his district as a madman and terrorising the non-neutered Siamese cats; while he’s not smoking catnip, of course. On a beautiful day, when he’s in a foul mood, Shero meets Misskat. She’s the incarnation of Turkish Angora-perfection. Her soft purring makes his tail curl and it would take an ice cellar to cool down his furry desires. But first he has to take care of a small misunderstanding regarding a man he threw out of a window. A settlement isn’t an option because the guy in question comes back from the dead with his brains flapping out of his smashed skull to take vengeance upon Shero. We’re finally getting some good news from Turkey and it’ll be hard to get rid of it! Bad Cat is inspired by the comic-strips of Bülent Ustün. The movie is a festive mix of Fritz the Cat and Sausage Party, with a shot of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted. It goes without saying that Bad Cat is also somewhat gross, naughty, sharp and disrespectful; a fresh dose of healthy political incorrectness. And we’re not alone in thinking that if you see all the nominations Bad Cat gathered in the festival circuit.

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