Bad Trip

Do you sometimes wonder what became of the Jackass crew? Probably all responsible dads by now, except for Eric André who penned this BAD TRIP with the spiritual descendants of Johnny Knoxville. They embark on a road trip, but that’s just a flimsy excuse for wreaking havoc whenever they go, and they pretty much go to every corner of the US. You’ll get some of the most ballsy candid camera you’ll ever see. All participants are potential victims: cops, lethal animals, machines that are ideal for accidental dismembering or the windshield of a car going window-shopping… Everything’s allowed here, there’s no shame, no limits, nobody gives a f**k about political correctness and above all: EVERYTHING… REALLY… HAPPENED! Eric André, the provocateur in chief of the United States, throws all decency out of the window and transforms us into willing partners in crime of this tornado of bad taste. The baffled reactions of people are the delicious cherry on top of the sundae! And if you really think the trailer is an accurate sneak peak of what is to come, we pity you, fool! Know that the best (and worst) is reserved for the big screen…

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