A megalomaniac boss, colleagues harassing you, a slutty girlfriend who pokes fun at you when you can’t handle the sex and a desk buddy who is also your ex. That’s the daily life of Peltzer Arbuckle, a guy with a failed life and a dead end job. Every day his nightmare happens in broad daylight. Until the day that his failed sex life becomes the office joke… Lucky for him, parts of his imaginary friend are still laying around somewhere in his consciousness. His name is Ronnie, but this devilishly looking figure doesn’t look at all like the imaginary friends from movies like ‘inside out’. With the powers of Ronnie, Peltzer will get some work done, but not the kind of work his boss will be happy to see. Monday, bloody Monday.

Liam Regan doesn’t hide the fact that he’s inspired by absurd horror legends like Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz. Banjo is his very own interpretation of The Office, but then with lots of gore and bad taste. Have you ever dreamed of a version of Clerks with blood and massacres? Welcome to this English burlesque show called Banjo.

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