Beasts Clawing at Straws

The life of a Louis Vutton bag filled to the brim with money ain’t particularly easy: there’s the continuous moving around, being abandoned or even locked up, the ever-changing chain of owners… Tae-young wants to take care of the bag, but he’s being chased by a bunch of merciless mercenaries with a love for spliced intestines! He leaves the bag in the locker of a sauna, where it is found by janitor Joong-man. With a sick mom and the towering rent to pay, a nice little extra sure wouldn’t hurt… But he’ll have to compete with a motley crew of the already-mentioned gangsters, a laconic cop with a strong appetite, a prostitute, her wife beater of a husband, her tough boss and her Chinese boyfriend… One dialogue sums it up perfectly: “The sand tiger shark bears 50 or so eggs when pregnant. The babies eat each other in the mother’s belly. Only one will be born, and it becomes a fierce predator”. Survival of the Strongest y’all, they’re all beast clawing at the same bag… Who will draw the longest straw? We watched with amazement how the pieces of this pitch-black puzzle ingeniously fell into place. On paper it says “Kim Yong-hoon’s first feature” but our eyes saw Nicolas Winding Refn in Korea, drunk in the neon-lit night…

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