A meteorite is on its way to Earth. Don’t laugh, it happens more often than you think. Except that this “little rock” is about five times bigger than the one suspected of having eradicated the dinosaurs and all efforts to annihilate it have failed. In Laguna, a remote “hole” somewhere in the South of Spain, Ale thinks he can end up his life drinking San Miguel beer. That’s not going to happen. He has to protect his four nieces and nephews from a dangerous serial killer who has just escaped from jail. Many years ago, his brother was the one who helped to get him behind bars. Now it’s time for revenge. Does it all even matter when the end of the world is due to happen within three days ? Many a movie has already been made about the final days of mankind. Usually there’s a hero to save us all or there are some survivors who’ll allow us to start anew. Before The Fall is not that kind of film. There’s no hope. Everything will end. What counts is how you decide to say goodbye to this vale of tears. Debut director Javier F. Gutierrez has extracted a strong and gripping drama from this nihilistic theme. Before The Fall is a beautifully shot apocalyptic tragedy, an existentialist western and an action thriller all in one. The kids pull off some impressive performances, especially in view of the ordeal they have to go through.

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