The fourth book of bestselling author Heesoo is once again an instant success. The media’s requests come thick and fast, to the great pleasure of her publisher. Suddenly a writer’s worst nightmare rears its ugly head : the accusation of plagiarism. Two years later, Hee-soo is still recovering and hasn’t written a single word since her anathema. She decides to leave for the countryside with her daughter in order to get things moving again. In terms of inspiration, her house is as perfect as Norman Bates’ motel. And with her daughter talking to her imaginary friend, her creative juices are soon flowing again. Hee-soo will take this opportunity to finish her book and regain her success! And plagiarism, again… Bestseller, the feature film debut of Jeong-Ho Lee, is a well-oiled thrill machine which will have you biting your nails from beginning till end. This frightening ghost thriller, midway between Hitchcock and Nakata, never loosens its grip. Starring Jeong-Hwa Eom ( Princess Aurora, Tidal Wave ) as tortured writer Hee-Soo.

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