This is the story of Johan, a young rabbit who had the perfect life: his parents loved each other and they had a beautiful house full of carrots, surrounded by nature. But everything turned upside down one evening, when the King of Feathers, a boogeyman for rabbits, abducted his mother. Since this tragic event, young Johan lives in the middle of the ocean with his father, convinced that the infamous King of Feathers fears water. Yet, Johan wants to find the boogeyman at all costs. With the help of Bill, a grouchy hermit, he will put up a stratagem to enter the extraordinary and mysterious world of the King of Feathers. But doing so, he might mess up with the fragile balance of the world. After The Great Bear ( 2011 ), Esben Toft Jacobsen teams up again with the production company Copenhagen Bombay for a journey bigger than life destined for the entire family. Swarming with astonishing visual ideas and shimmering colors, Beyond Beyond’s universe was created by the visual designers who worked on The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lone Ranger.

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