Months after the mysterious disappearance of their father, John and Gordon, two brothers as tight as Hillary and Donald, decide to liquidate the video club of their dad and get as much money out of it as they can. There’s not a lot of respect for this shrine to 80ties movie culture, where tapes of Delta Force 8 and American Ninja 12 jointly gather dust on the shelves. While they’re clearing out the back room, the brothers come across an interactive game that’s called Beyond the Gates. Unable to resist the temptation and especially incredibly lucky to still have a functioning vhs player at hand, John, Gordon and his girlfriend Margot decide to play the game. A woman named Evelyn appears on the screen to explain the game and sends shivers down their spines when she says that, if they do well, they might get some answers to their father’s disappearance… Jackson Stewart’s feature debut has a delightfully retro atmosphere, surfing on the nostalgia wave for all Stranger Things. With a solid script by Stephen Scarlata (Final Girl) and supported by the legendary Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), Stewart offers us a clever mix of Jumanji and Hellraiser that will delight fans of Lucio Fulci and Don Coscarelli!

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