1945, while bombs are falling on Berlin and the Führer is spending his last days in his bunker, the experimental submarine U 461 is sunk off the coast of Denmark by Allied bombers. It’s ultra-secret cargo is taken to the bottom of the sea. 55 years later, Christian and his younger brother Ask are spending their summer on a boat with their grandfather who is teaching them scuba diving. They’ve heard of a legend of sunken nazi gold and hope to be the first to discover the treasure. In the vicinity, a group of bounty hunters are also looking for the wreck. When the boys accidentally stumble upon the sub, they are struck by terror when it seems that there is still life down there. U 461 will finally reveal its secrets. As the last days of the war come back to life, the boys’ summer vacation turns into a breathless race against time. Director Ake Sandgren (Miracle in Valby, The Sling Shot, Big Men & Little Men) and screenwriters Anders Thomas Jensen (Mifune’s Last Song, In China They Eat Dogs, The King Is Alive) and Bent E. Rasmussen have created an exciting supernatural adventure about the gruesome secret of a sunken nazi submarine. The special effects were created by Thomas Borch Nielsen, the director of Webmaster (presented at the festival in 1999).

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