Jim could be a normal man. That is actually what he is convinced of: a successful professional life, a wonderful girlfriend, everything that makes life heaven on earth and that we never know we will reach when we grow up. But the day a noble man played by Peter Cushing comes to his house to ask him if nothing extraordinary has happened to him right before checking his watch to notice that it is… missed meeting, Jim is suddenly carried in the middle of WWI and well, of course, that’s the end of the sweet life he had been living!
“The final gag will not be the least of the surprises that this movie has in store for us. It was directed by John Hough, the director of ‘The Watcher in the Woods’ and mostly of the great ‘Incubus’. Starting off with an original beginning to the classical time-traveling genre, he has created an action movie which evolves between pure fantasy, burlesque and spectacular. All of this is brought with control of the situations and the characters which are a master’s work. The action goes from the very beginning to the very end of the movie. We smile, we live, we take part in the movie. ‘Biggles’ is one of those neat movies which easily shows their pictures to the audience without no other choice but for them to be complicit, only to let them be surprised and realize afterwards how complex the movie they have just watched is.

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