In the future world, nations are replaced by projects, managed like corporations. Neighborhoods, called Quadrants, are closely monitored by those supervising them. A highly armed military force, ready to take action against any dissent, is used to maintain strict order. At the core of this society is a single ambition, the maintenance of corporate productivity, at all costs. Against this backdrop, Rosa and Daniel, two young students from different Quadrants, fall in love. But Rosa’s ambitious mother arranges a marriage with the much older Gravelli, a powerful politician. He has no scruples to get rid of his rival. Daniel is arrested and deported to a detention facility where no one has ever returned from. Meanwhile Rosa withers away in her golden cage. Will the two star crossed lovers ever see each other again? The debut feature of Dominican director Juan Basanta, an adaptation of William Mejia’s novel A Rose In Fifth Hell, is a cinematographic milestone in the history of the island nation. It’s the first Dominican science fiction film and a very powerful one indeed, full of action, drama, romance and, of course, an ecological message. Excellent camerawork, great special effects that create a credible image of a futuristic segregated society and an international cast from Mexico, Cuba and the USA complete the picture.

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