Once upon a time, there was a brilliant, beautiful young woman. Emma is a writer, poet, musician and … blind. This was the result of a severe beating by her disturbed mother during her formative years. She overcame this blow by expressing her world of touch, smell, and sound through her work. Now, however, Emma gets the opportunity to see again through an eye transplant. It is a success, but before she can see again, Emma first goes through a transitional phase, in which she suffers from retrograde vision. Her brain is only able to relay what she sees after 12 hours. What is so unique about that? Well, barely back from the hospital, a woman is murdered, and Emma has seen it … 12 hours late. The cynical, burger-eating detective Hallstrom thinks the girl is a bit too unworldly to be an efficient witness. But as more and more women are murdered, the two team up to investigate. They discover the hair-trigger scheme behind the murders, and Emma could well be the crowning glory.

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