France, 1890. Inventor Louis Le Prince vanishes under mysterious circumstances right after he created a device that, five years later, the Lumière Brothers will call The Cinematographer. What if they had stolen Le Prince’s idea and wacked him afterwards? The mystery remains for more than a century, until Luigi Cozzi picks up a strange book called “The Roaming Universe” in the horror museum of his pal Dario Argento. The origin of this enigmatic book troubles him and he decides to have a talk with Lamberto Bava. But it is with the help of Antonion Tentori, screenwriter of Dracula 3D, that he makes an amazing discovery. This particular science-fiction novel would have materialized during a spiritual session in modern day Rome. At the session, an old woman revealed that the key to all these mysteries comes from 1895, a time during which the Lumière Brothers had denied lending their camera to Georges Méliès for an obscure movie called “A Trip to the moon”. Not only does this film actually exist, but it raises a more intriguing question. Is our world the only one, or are there parallel universes?

With his fake documentary about an actual mystery, the mythical director of Starcrash and Contagion, delivers a world premiere to the BIFFF; a true love letter to cinema! Disguised as a horrific mockumentary, Blood on Méliès’ Moon, is an epic outsider; with constant cameos of icons from Italian genre cinema.

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