A jealous husband hires a questionable private detective to lynch his wife and her lover. The job is well paid but the detective smells more money. He takes pictures of the sleeping pair but forges the images to make it look like bullets have pierced their bodies. He makes the husband believe that he has carries out the assignment and collects his Judas wages. Meanwhile he has come up with a plan to plunder the husbands vault en put the blame of the murder on the unfaithful husband… but a perfect murder isn’t as (blood) simple as it looks.
BLOOD SIMPLE is without a doubt the best debut film of the last 10 years. The brothers Coen wrote a solid and original screenplay that came out amazing on the screen. The fascinating photography and the brilliant performance of the actors as well, make BLOOD SIMPLE an unforgettable thriller that could easily be on display alongside Hitchcock’s best work. It is best to keep an eye on the brothers Coen. Recently they wrote the script for Sam Raimi’s CRIMEWAVE.

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