Hard rock music bands are never bored st…!
At least, it is the case for Easy Action who will go and film their last music video in the mountains of Colorado (not bad), accompanied by a group of beautiful models (way better). But for those “hard” musicians, no problem: they go in the arid mountains, only with a small technical team, and without knowing it, venture into a region that hasn’t been much explored yet. It is the estate of a family, whose all members come from a mother with mental retardation, who years before killed her husband and then brought her gang of kids to the snow-covered solitude of mountains. Cut off from any civilisation for a century, these mountain people have kept their whole childish simplicity. As relentlessly wild as their environment, a sacred terror push some “aliens” away first, but those quickly turn out to be too invasive and fear turns into anger…
Blood Tracks, by the Swedish producer/director Mike JACKSON (The Ninja Mission), has a cast of worldwide actors: Jeff HARDING (Ragtime), Michael FITZPATRICK (Yanks, The Lords of Discipline), Naomi KANEDA (Star 80, Looker).
But the members of the rock band Easy Action are played by the real members of the rock band Easy Action who also signed the official movie soundtrack.

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