Eight hours a day, 60% of the working population spends his time behind a desk, and the only noteworthy cinematic entries about this are the cult film Office Space and the cult series The Office. Bloodsucking Bastards wants to lengthen this list. In any business where dead-end jobs are piling up, there is always one crazy guy trying his best. Evan is convinced that this time he will motivate the call center to sell a revolutionary tool for micro penises. Behind his motivation lies a possible promotion as assistant manager, the dream of every office drone. But that job goes to Max, his arch rival since college. Max always hated Evan because he made him finish his studies in Romania. However, this has ensured that Max has learned some unique skills in Transylvania to improve the team spirit. Every evening he organizes parties. The best worker is personally thanked. Not with a useless watch or a golden pen, but with two fangs in his neck. Capitalism Sucks, literally.

Behind this horror comedy, the bastard child of Tom Holland’s Fright Night and Vampires Sucks, there’s Dr. God (LA Comedy Club). Take the characters from The Office, add the humor from Shaun Of The Dead, replace zombies by vampires and voila: Bloodsucking Bastards. The star role is played by Joey Kern (Cabin Fever), who’ll make you laugh with each of his fanged interventions.

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