The holidays of summer 86 promise to be so dull for this little group of six boys and girls who decide to go on the English Coast: they first pick a fight in a fair, then decide to go away from the city (which is definitely dangerous), rent a small boat and do not find anything better than put a spit in the reefs of a small remote island… But things seem to get better: while searching for help, they discover a hotel that is ready to welcome them: no occupants inside, everything seems to be ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve…for 1959! But nothing – neither in the decoration nor in the full to breaking out wardrobes – seems to be from after the 50s. It is a bargain for our friends who quickly immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the premises: they change their outfit and explore in pair “their” new estate which, although empty, seems inhabited by a strange presence – a rockabilly group attracts them in a show room but disappear when they arrive… They are the audience of a movie screening, without anyone behind the projector or any movie in the reels…
And what seems to be a welcoming dwelling at first will turn out to be a terrible and viscous trap: in the horror hotel, you will be able to have a look outside whenever… but you will never be able to leave!
Norman J. WARREN is a specialist of horror movies and tightrope at the same time. During the blockbuster era, he was only granted with leftovers: which did not prevent him from directing already more than a dozen movies, among which Inseminoid (1981) was more successful than expected.
Once again, with Bloody New Year, we can feel that the director struggled to make ends meet, but it did not prevent him from brightening the splatter scenes up with his “space-time terror” of special effects, which are often very inventive.

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