Your first day at a new school is never easy. Fifteen-year-old Mia is dying to be accepted by her new classmates and after a rough start she succeeds in becoming friends with Gianna and her teenage gang. But then her body starts changing, a painful process characterized by hallucinations and bizarre binge-eating spells. A visit to the doctor only makes things worse. The relationship with her bourgeois parents goes from bad to worse and she even starts suspecting she’s been adopted. To cope with her overwhelming sense of loneliness she seeks solace in booze and sexual experiments. And where do those dreams of water and oceans keep coming from ? In the dreamlike Blue My Mind, first-time Swiss director Lisa Brühlmann works with an impressive teen cast. The film, full of teenage angst and feelings of melancholy and isolation, seems to have been dyed in blue ink. The realistic story takes on increasingly fantastic shades and turns into an audiovisual trip the likes of which you haven’t seen before.

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