Since Mom swapped the temporary for the eternal, Ed Chilton (Steven Buscemi) has been no slouch. He spends his days with his moaning uncle (Ned Beatty), who likes nothing better than to spy on his sexy neighbour. One day, handy businessman A.J. Pattle (John Glover) comes barging in. This sneaky man trades in a very unique comfort: “life.” For a hefty price he can bring Ed’s mother back to life, and … as good as new. Ed, of course, eagerly accepts. After all, there are still the coins from her life insurance policy. Pattle turns out to be as good as his word. Ed’s dead mother (Miriam Margoyles) does indeed return, much to the latter’s delight. Unfortunately, the resurrected mom seems to have some strange new habits. Pests are dealt with by blistering chainsaws. Little dogs are chased with butchers’ knives and cockroaches suddenly crowd the eclairs and cakes with the coffee. Desperate, Ed goes in search of E.J.Pattle, but does he really want to get Mom back into the ground?

This frenzied black comedy sprang from the perverse mind of Jonathan Wacks (award-winning Powwow Highway, Mystery Date), who managed to assemble a handsome cast. Steve Buscemi (In the Soup, Reservoir Dogs, Barton Fink) is the hopeless mama’s boy. Ned Beatty (Hear my Song, Deliverance, Network) plays the peeping uncle. A.J.Pattle is played by John Glover (Gremlins II: The New Batch, Scrooged) and Miriam Margoyles’ (Age of Innocence, Little Shop of Horrors, I Love You to Death) rendition can only be described as a choking role model for all mothers in the world.

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