Pauline is a psychologist who gives compulsory courses to drivers who got their license revoked because they thought they were auditioning for FAST X. But lecturing about traffic rules to a bunch of Neanderthal road warriors with a gearstick between their legs is no picnic… Nothing gets through their thick skulls, especially coming from a woman. Well, in that case they’re gonna learn the hard way. At night, she gets behind the wheel all black-gloved and turns into a merciless Messenger of Death bouncing dickwads off the road and letting them crash and burn for all eternity. She considers it a good deed for humanity. But inspectors Kervella and Giordano have a different view on the matter. To them, she’s a nuisance that keeps them from their stache grooming and Candy Crash playing and therefore she must be stopped! After MAX & LEON and THE WANNABES, Jonathan Barré once again takes his pals David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig from the Palmashow for a ride and brings along newcomers to his universe like Laure Calamy, Tchéky Karyo (NIKITA, THE PATRIOT) and Thomas VDB. If that just sounds like a load of French to you, well, that’s because it is and the cast is immensely popular with your fellow French(wo)man. The result? As if DRIVE stayed into the southern French sun a little too long, with deadpan dialogues à la Quentin Dupieux (MANDIBULES starring… Marsais and Ludig!) and just perfect with a glass of Pastis. But remember, don’t drink and drive, or else…!

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