The Boogeyman is the stuff of age-old stories. His name has been passed down from generation to generation in the hushed, fearful whispers of kids at bedtime. Existing in a thousand different forms in children’s imaginations, the Boogeyman is that horrible creature who consumes human beings whole. He lurks in the shadows of closets that won’t stay closed. He haunts the deepest, darkest recesses beneath squeaky beds. Tim is 20. But for him the Boogeyman still lives in his memories as the creature that devoured his dad 16 years earlier. Did this really happen or did he make it up to explain why his father abandoned the family ? The answer lies hidden in his childhood home, a place he must return to and face the chilling, unanswered question : does the Boogeyman really exist ? Boogeyman, directed by Stephen T. Kay (Tv’s The Shield, Get Carter), is the latest treat from producers Sam Raimi and his partner-in-crime Rob Tapert. With fascinating characters, tons of bonechilling scares and jump-out-off-yourseats thrills, Boogeyman promises to be an exiting new horror brand. Starring young talents Barry Watson (Teaching Mrs. Tingle) and Emily Deschanel (Cold Mountain) and Lucy “Xena : Warrior Princess” Lawless.

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