This is not an adaptation of a Lana Del Rey album, but both contain very spicy subject matter. Almost all the employees of a spicy sauce factory are slaughtered. Responsible for this drama: hitman Victor Patibulo, notorious for sucking on a pacifier ever since his favorite poodle got killed. One body is absent among the dead: big boss Heraclito, who had just created a revolutionary new sauce. Is there a connection? There’s only one man who’ll be able to find out: the handsome, strong and clever Marcello Risk, star of the anti-terrorism unit K.K.D.B.B. Together with his sidekick, Guadalajara Man, big fan of martial arts and bananas, he’ll try to solve the mystery. But there are many weird and wonderful enemies on their path, their boss is mind-bogglingly dumb and their residential science genius hasn’t eaten in weeks. Cutbacks, you know!

Born to Die does not only sound insane, it actually is quite insane! This unofficial sequel to Bailando con el Peligro (Dancing with Danger) doesn’t take itself serious for one second. People who love absurd humor such as Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle, will gobble this down. Director Andres Borghi has directed a riotously inventive piece of entertainment that will certainly make the audience howl and scream.

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