Brian and Elmer are neighbours. Brian is 20 years old and is an average boy. Elmer, however, who lives in the same building and in the sink of an old couple, is a vaguely reptilian creature of about 1,000 years old, whose origins must come from South America, somewhere from the Reconquista. As centuries went by, he ended up in the house of some elderly, eccentric couple from New York. With some quite old-fashioned education, very polite, Elmer is often hungry and his feverish and insatiable appetite is only satisfied with one meal: human brains. To do so, Elmer needs someone to carry him from juicy to twitching brains. And he just had his heart set on Brian…
“Brain Damage is the new and long-awaited Frank HENENLOTTER (Basket Case), a very surprising and unique work with an innovative scenario which it would be criminal (as well as complicated) to try and sum up in a nutshell. Just know that Brain Damage is destined to become a huge classic of tomorrow’s: a potential cult movie, with some classic pieces and some bits of bravery which will stay in your memory. In-between John WATERS and Stuart GORDON (Re-Animator), HENENLOTTER asserts himself as a master of bad taste, a full-fledged author.” – Alain PETIT
Brain Damage is “monumental. True to his reputation of underground author falling into sarcasm, bad taste and excessiveness, Frank HENENLOTTER put on show the maddest sequences there are. And the special effects match: they are dirty, explosive, dripping and seeping – their creator? Gabe BARTALOS, a 22-year-old young genius who worked on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Creepshow 2, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives…” – Marc TOULLEC

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