The young Baron Frankenstein is about to create his strangest experiment in his secret lab. A few months back, he gave in his Promethean dream of creating a creature, a pathetic blob of fleshes which does not deserve the name of human. Yet deep down, hidden, it is capable of pain and love.
To fix this failure and make this monster more human, the scientist is about to give him a “bride”: Eva.
Singer-songwriter Sting is undoubtedly Dr. Frankenstein as pictured by Mary Shelley: young, pretty and distinguished. However, he has already proven (in “Dune” and “Quadrophenia”) that he could perfectly play the most arrogant and frightening characters!
“The Bride”, directed by Franc Roddam (“The Lords of Discipline”) actually advocates for women’s rights: “What I enjoy doing in my movies is talking about people who go against the established order and fight to survive. I believe in heroes —even when they lose, they have somehow won.”

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