In our immense cities where multitudes of alone people live with one another without ever talking to each other, the show of this radio host is a small safety valve: people, strangers, can call directly, she asks them questions and, anonymously, they can express themselves. They talk about their outlook on the world, their feelings, their opinion that they can express to the others, those who are listening on the other end of the radio. Sometimes they are angry, embittered, destitute or sad and they burst when on air, but the radio host is one of those whose voice reassures, calms and guides with kindness; she always has something to say, and is always understanding – she is the fairy of the Hertzian waves.
However, she is completely unable to speak when this listener, half-threatening half-joker, gives her some piece of advice: to have a look at her home and see what he did there… A bad joker? In any case he is a man with a very particular sense of humour: at first, the host’s parrot dies, then her family is threatened, and finally she is sentenced to death!
In the anonymous crowd, there is a mad and maniac man who has decided to express himself, and for him, words are just nonsense!
It is the scriptwriter Elisabeth RAPPENEAU who directed her first movie Frequent Death, which she adapted from an American detective novel. Catherine DENEUVE said about the movie: “It is a great story, and, on the opposite of usual crime novels, the characters are not conventional. Here, the feminine role is quite intense. She has real relationships with her family, her job, her life. It is a movie where the relationships between people are quite sensual. And, moreover, it is a very intense suspense. I think the movie will have a particular tone, a particular colour.” – Catherine DENEUVE, who plays the radio host in Frequent Death.

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