Butt Boy

Meet Chip Gutchell (Tyler Cornack); the kind of gutless middle-aged bore stuck between a dull job and a passionless relationship with an unwanted baby in suburban hell. His life borders on non-existence until that other staple of masculine midlife, the first prostate exam, turns his world upside down. Those cold, clinical fingers up his bum stir up a dark desire deep within his bowels. He tries to get his wife into his new little kink, but when she doesn’t cooperate he’s forced to take things into his own hands. From then on no object is safe from his little black hole, and he craves for ever larger things… When yet another child goes missing, badass detective Russel Fox (Tyler Rice) – in full-on Kurt Russell mode – is put on the case. Will he be able to stop this insatiable asshole? He’s no slouch but he doesn’t quite realize yet how deep the rabbit hole goes… Actor-director Tyler Cornack’s gutsy first feature-length film transcends the simple butt jokes (even though there’s plenty of that too), flirts with the urban thriller in the vein of Fincher or Mann, and wanders into ever stranger territory, to places where no man has gone before. And if you don’t dig it, you can shove it up your ass!

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