Two amateur filmmakers make a documentary about the Moeraske in Evere, a sleepy, swampy corner of the Belgian capital. On a sunny summer day in 2017, seven corpses and a car are found there. A DVD and a camera on the scene contain proof of an actual suicide. Before they know what’s what, our private eyes are up shit creek without a paddle… For Ça tourne près de chez vous, Brussels filmmaker Arno Pluquet, a self-proclaimed fantasy buff, was inspired by Man Bites Dog, The Blair Witch Project, and other Cloverfields. With a combination of found footage, film-within-the-film, and tragicomedy, he finishes his fantasy trilogy, the first parts of which were also shown at the BIFFF: Papillon noir (2016) and La caravane du cafard (2017). This time, he shares screenwriting and directing credits with Olivia Robert.

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